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At &halt, our objective is to offer a curated collection of  considered homeware with a contemporary twist. Our brand ethos influences each and every buying decision to ensure products stocked have a genuine story and provenance, whether this be 3D printed vases made from recycled corn from a partner studio in Vienna, recycled leather Danish tableware or ergonomically designed Japanese glassware. We genuinely believe the offer is more than simply ‘product on shelves’. It’s products with a purpose, whether this be form or function and products sourced ethically.

In terms of the name, it came from the amount of reflection Founder Nick Grover experienced when the pandemic hit. For the first time in years, he and close family and friends seemed to step outside of their day to day worlds and were allowed to really focus on each other and what they wanted out of life. For him, launching the store was now or never. &halt is ‘a subconscious reminder to pause and reflect’. Essentially, to take a breather, look inward and re-focus on what makes you and others happy.

Opening Times

Sunday-Thursday 11-5
Friday 11-6
Saturday 10-6


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